On 11th – 12th of April 2019, has taken place at “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galaţi DANUBE COOPERATION FORUM.

The principles and objectives were presented before the plenary debates of Forum.

EU macro – regional strategies have been identified addressing the challenges and opportunities specific to certain geographical areas that are too local to be of direct interest to the whole of the EU, but too broad to be effectively addressed at national level.

Cooperation and coordination between the different macro-regional strategies are important if there is a geographical overlap between these strategies. Cross-border cooperation can take various forms (eg. the implementation of joint projects, the exchange of best practice and experience, etc.).

The stated objectives include:

  • Responding to the specific challenges and needs of the region in an original way;
  • Creating a platform linking people, ideas and needs, a place where nine Member States and five non-Member States work together for common goals;
  •  Establishing priorities and lines of action for Romania in the process of realizing EUSDR;
  • Identify the capacity of the macro-regional strategy to mobilize new projects and initiatives, in line with the four objectives of EUSDR: connecting the Danube region; protecting the environment in the Danube region; building prosperity and strengthening in the Danube region.

Forum Agenda

The Forum was opened with a Plenary Opening Ceremony, on 11th April, at the “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galati, which had as its central theme:

”An overview of the EUSDR mechanism and the future of the Danube cooperation in the context of the EU Council Presidency, the reform of the EUSDR agenda and the design of the future of the multiannual financial framework.”

During the plenary discussions, the following topics were addressed:

  1. Economic Opportunities in the Danube region (I,II);
  2. Education and academic cooperation in the Danube region;
  3. EU funding opportunities in the Danube region;
  4. Local authorities cooperation in the Danube region;
  5. DANUBIUS – RI and environmental agenda.

Danube Cooperation Forum in the Danube region adopted the FINAL JOINT DECLARATION at the end of the works (Galaţi, April 12, 2019).