Danubius Support

This project is funded by the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation through the Research, Development and Innovation Program for River, Delta, Sea Systems - DANUBIUS, Contract no. 4 / 07.05.2018
Budget: 25.183.808,10 Lei
Implementation period: May 2018 - June 2019

The DANS project aims to support the activities to be carried out by Romania in line with the commitment to coordinate the development of DANUBIUS-RI (www.danubius-ri.eu) and to participate at the construction of the three-component infrastructure: the Murighiol International Science Center (DANUBIUS-RI Hub), the DANUBIUS-RI Data Center and the Danube Delta study area (the supersite). The final goal of this project is to accomplish, at the end of the implementation period, all the objectives and activities required to submit the necessary documentation for the European Commission's agreement to designate DANUBIUS-RI as a Major Project in Romania and to develop the DANUBIUS-RO research strategy in accordance with the European strategy DANUBIUS-RI which resulted from H2020-DANUBIUS-PP. Taking into account the European Commission's requirements for the Major Project application, European legislation as well as national legislation, the consortium set up in this project defined a series of activities that reflect the above-mentioned requirements for each of the three components the Hub, the Data Center and Supersite of the Danube Delta. The project is coordinated by the INCDSB (www.incdsb.ro), with partners the GeoEcoMar (www.geoecomar.ro), the INCDDD (www.ddni.ro), the UGAL- ”Dunărea de jos” University of Galați (www.ugal.ro) and the Romanian Academy (www.acad.ro) which participates with specific expertise to perform all the activities proposed in the work packages. The INCDSB is responsible for Hub activities GeoEcoMar is responsible for activities related to the construction of the Danube Delta Supersite, and UGAL is responsible for activities needed to build the Data Center. The INCDDD is responsible for conducting the socio-economic and environmental impact studies of the Romanian components of DANUBIUS-RI as well as for defining and / or identifying databases and infrastructure elements comprising basic geo-information layers including historical data and facilities associated which enable their retrieval, access and use in RDI activities in accordance with the standards resulting from DANUBIUS-PP. The Romanian Academy, as partner, participates in the definition, conception and design of the Geoscience Laboratories of the Danube Delta Supersite that the Hub is hosting as well as in defining of the geoinformatics database. For the efficient training of the Romanian scientific community for the use of the DANUBIUS-RI infrastructure and the increase of the pan-European and international level of cooperation, under the coordination of NIRDBS, the DANS consortium will elaborate the Romanian DANUBIUS strategy, part of the National RDI Strategy, in conjunction with the Infrastructure Strategic Agenda distributed Pan-European DANUBIUS-RI, with the purpose of operationalising the DANUBIUS subprogram in the National RDI Plan.


OS1 Analysis of the current state of DANUBIUS-RI distributed infrastructure development and correlation of results with the definition of Romanian components: Hub, Supersite and Data Center. Analysis of the feasibility of these components and elaboration of the technical-economic documentation taking into account the operational and functional requirements for their construction in order to develop the concepts and the initial elements of the Romanian infrastructure. Conducting specialized studies and analysing the economic, social and environmental impact that the development of the Supersite and Hub components may have on the natural environment of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation.

OS2 Elaboration of the national RDI agenda taking into account the priorities of the DANUBIUS-RI strategic agenda defined within DANUBIUS-PP, as well as, the capacity and prospects for development of the Romanian scientific community in the context in which Romania is a participant and coordinator of pan-European infrastructure DANUBIUS - RI.

OS3 Preparing the application for accessing the Structural Funds related to the construction of the Romanian components of DANUBIUS-RI (Murighiol Hub, Danube Delta Supersite and Data Center) consists in creating, based on individual components (investment objects) and on the whole (DANUBIUS objective), of the Conceptual Note, Project Design, Feasibility Study (FS) and Technical Implementation Project (TIP) in accordance with the national legislation (GD 907 from 29/11/2016, as subsequently amended and supplemented) with regards to the drafting and the framework content of the technical and economic documentation related to the objectives / and invenstement projects financed through public funding.

OS4 Consultation of the national and international scientific community in working sessions in order to provide technical and scientific support necessary for the complex dimensioning of both the national RDI agenda and the initial infrastructure concepts and elements needed to develop the Romanian components of the DANUBIUS-RI infrastructure. Organizing promotional / dissemination events to prepare the national and international scientific community for the effective use and sustainable development of the DANUBIUS-RI infrastructure.

OS5 Establish an efficient and operative e-management system to group and facilitate the exploitation of resources developed by the national community. This system will group the resources of the DANUBIUS-RI national consortium and will connect with the supersites and nodes of the pan-European infrastructure DANUBIUS-RI.