Danubius Support


The DANS project aims to support the activities to be carried out by Romania in line with the commitment to coordinate the development of DANUBIUS-RI (www.danubius-ri.eu) and to participate in the construction of the three-component infrastructure: Murighiol International Scientific Center DANUBIUS-RI Hub), the DANUBIUS-RI Data Center and the study area (supersite) of the Danube Delta


The final goal of this project is to accomplish at the end of the implementation period all the objectives and activities necessary to submit the necessary documentation for the European Commission's agreement to designate DANUBIUS-RI in Romania as a Major Project and to develop the DANUBIUS-RO research strategy in consistent with the European strategy DANUBIUS-RI resulting from H2020-DANUBIUS-PP.


The high-water systems in the world are extremely complex and extremely fragile. Their components interact closely - a system is in fact a continuum, and in many cases human activity leads to fragmentation and change of the system's environmental balance. These systems have a special geopolitical, economic, social and environmental importance. River, delta / estuary and marine ecosystems have multiple functions in preserving the quality of the environment and biodiversity.


For the efficient preparation of the Romanian scientific community in order to use the DANUBIUS-RI infrastructure and to increase the level of pan-European and international cooperation, under the coordination of INCDSB, the DANS consortium will elaborate the Romanian DANUBIUS strategy, part of the National RDI Strategy, in conjunction with the Strategic Agenda of the pan-European distributed DANUBIUS-RI infrastructure in order to operationalize the DANUBIUS subprogram in the National RDI Plan.